This year Incubator is going virtual with an online exhibition and

live-streamed showcase!

Hello and welcome to Incubator 2020!

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The Incubator programme is an exclusive chance to join a select group of creative students from all over the country and develop an artistic piece around a theme/feeling that connects you to Israel. This year’s theme - The World as I Explore it: Using sight, smell, taste, touch and sound to explore your connection to Israel and Judaism!

UJS Incubator's 7th year is bringing even more creativity into the Jewish student world. With opportunities to help develop skills and explore individual personal identity, engaging all your senses and enhancing your creative Jewish mind. Incubator is open to anyone who is creative and has an interest in the arts!

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Those that made Incubator 2020

This year the Incubator programme has morphed and evolved in a new direction. With 4 online sessions, a virtual exhibition where participants can showcase their work and a chance to create their very own website from scratch. Each website is unique and completely personal to the student that created it.

These passionate students are what make the Incubator programme possible. Bringing a range of creativity, using the themes and the premise of the programme they have created incredible work, which is presented below. Follow the links below to each of the artist's profile, to see what they have produced. 

Without every individual, the programme this year would not be what it is.
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Over the years Incubator has been the UJS flagship programme, in partnership with UJIA, for students interested in art and creative writing. Incubator gives students the platform to explore their Jewish identity and personal relationships with Israel through artistic expression. Through UJIA's funding and fantastic educators, this programme provides incredible support to our Incubator participants, allowing them to explore and get the chance to produce a unique piece of art. Incubator two educational days in London with fantastic and talented educators and a final exhibition in June with guests from all over the Community, in a prominent gallery. Previous participants have included, among others: painters, photographers, visual art performers, writers, sculptors and so on. Every year we have seen students engage with Israel and UJS in a unique and creative way.